Get the Happy Simple Home Decluttering Workbook

The Step-By-Step Guide You Need to Declutter Your Entire Home


Has cleaning and decluttering your home been on your to-do list FOREVER?

Overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to declutter your home?

Get this Decluttering Workbook so you can clean up every room in your home.

Embarrassed by the mess?

Do you feel like you are ALWAYS cleaning the house and getting no help?

Wasting money on things you don't need but not sure how to stop?



Imagine waking up in the morning to a sink clear of any dishes and enjoying your coffee or tea at a cleaned off kitchen table (without having to move any books or piles of paper first).

Imagine being able to quickly find the exact outfit you want to wear for the day, as your closet only has your absolute favorite clothes in it.

Then, you make it out the door on time, as your keys are hanging on their designated hook, right by the door.

Finally, when you come home from your day, you bring in the mail and know exactly where to put it and have a system for working through it. No more piles!

Before bedtime, your kids are able to quickly pick up their toys without too much fuss or help. They have a system that is easy and manageable.

Since the house has less stuff in it, clean-up is easy for everyone.

You find you are spending your weekends doing more things you love, rather than tidying up the house.

Your home has SPACE, and you have fallen in love with it all over again.


  • A 60+ page ebook
  • 20+ detailed checklists to help you work room by room
  • Tips on how to manage clutter in a home with kids (in a realistic way)
  • Move at your own pace
  • Learn how to work through the emotions associated with decluttering
  • Learn what to do with all the stuff after decluttering
  • A cleaning schedule to help you conquer daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  • Tips on how to maintain a clutter-free home 
  • Works for any size home: large homes, small homes, and apartments